Punk-rock veterans Strike Anywhere have just announced their signing to Pure Noise Records, with plans to release their first new music in over a decade.

The band’s new EP, Nightmares of the West, which will be released on July 17th, 2020 via Pure Noise. The release is a collection of songs that showcase how the band hasn’t lost any of the energy that fans have grown to love since their inception in 1999.

We wanted to write things that we felt really fresh about and that revealed something new,” explains Strike Anywhere vocalist Thomas Barnett. “It was almost like this refresh, this restart, where we found ways to write songs that not only moved us, but also reflected the times and our ages. But we definitely feel inspired, and this record is a platform for us to hopefully – in time – play shows, connect with community, and help keep those little fires lit in ourselves and in others through the music and those shared experiences. These songs are the conversations that we want to have and the feelings that we still really need to share.”

Fans of the band can check out a brand new song called “Dress the Wounds” below.

Nightmares of the West was recorded at Salad Days Studio — like their first four albums — with Brian Mcternan.

It’s speaking to what’s happening now, obviously,” says Barnett.  “This system, this machine, this view of history has deep, fatal flaws. And it’s not just something for people to talk about academically, or, you know, in little groups, like this is something that is writ large now, when it hasn’t been in our lifetimes. And the critical failures of the view of America that the view of capitalism equating with freedom, the view of nation states, all this stuff that’s past its sell-by date, itself, like these ideas, that were flawed to begin with, and nobody was honest about it. And now, unprepared as fuck, here we are, and we really need to say ‘Okay, look, we can reorganize this.  This thing  happened 200 years ago, or the western hegemony of the globe happened 400 years ago and these were deep missteps. And we can either annihilate ourselves by trying to justify it to death, or – to quote the Bouncing Souls – we can find what’s good and make it last.”

Below you can find the artwork and track-listing for the EP, and pre-order the release from Strike Anywhere here.


Strike Anywhere


  1. Documentary
  2. Dress The Wounds
  3. The Bells
  4. Frontier Glitch
  5. Imperium Of Waste
  6. Opener
  7. We Make The Road By Walking