The Michigan natives in Famous Last Words know how to have fun. That’s why the five-piece band decided to document their travels and antics while out on tour supporting the release of their newest album, The Incubus. Previous installments of the video series have shown the band visiting Casa Bonita and having portrait shots taken by photographer Matthew Defeo in Denver. Today, we are excited to bring you the final episode of the series.

In the last video, Famous Last Words take viewers on the last stretch of the tour when they visit Billy The Kid’s grave and the Grand Canyon. It’s a great wrap up to the five-part video series.

Here’s what vocalist JT Tollas said about the video:

“Returning to the west coast after nearly two years was an absolute adventure, and we made sure of it. Check out this EXCLUSIVE behind the scenes footage of our Famous Last Western Adventures from The Incubus Tour!”

You heard the man! Check it out at the top of the page!