When the ingenious Italian songwriter-producer Mark Mendy teams up with quickly rising
Australian duo The Beamish Brothers, listeners already know that they are in for a melodious
and spellbinding ride. In their latest release “Black Gasoline”, Mendy and the Beamish Brothers
delve into the cyclical nature of temptation and being unable to stop oneself, all relayed in the
form of an irresistibly funky Pop banger.

Jeremy Beamish on the making of “Black Gasoline”:

“Black Gasoline tells the story of temptation and is all about the feeling of doing something which feels wrong but not being able to stop yourself. The phrase, ‘we’re burning black gasoline’, in particular, conjures up this image of setting off an explosion in the brain which can’t be put out. While it’s not exactly a happy song, the story is framed as a punchy soul anthem which is both relatable and instantly infectious…”

A song for the mind, soul and definitely the body, each and every time listeners hear this
radio-friendly jam, they’ll find themselves immediately going back for more, or at least,
inadvertently singing it over and over again in the shower or on the way to work.

Through a universally appealing, story-packed nature, “Black Gasoline” showcases Mark
Mendy’s and The Beamish Brothers’ musical mastery. Rhythmically compelling and strikingly
captivating, this is one that will stay with many long after hearing it.

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