Things have a way of piling up in life. Work duties, social obligations, chores at home, and more are a lot to juggle. Get behind on just one of them, and it seems the rest immediately add to the load even more than they usually do. A key aspect of leading a healthy life is identifying which of those things are actually important, and knowing when you need to drop everything and let yourself breathe again. FINKEL (Jane and Brian Spencer) know when they need to unwind. They’re helping listeners get there too with the release of new track “kind of day,” featuring M.SORD and premiering here on Substream.

For a track about the multiple duties of life, “kind of day” is satisfyingly big and expansive. The drums are echoing and satisfying, and the keys and synths build up a sonic tunnel in which Brian and Jane operate. Their voices work well together, and there are several small vocal tricks that make the track stand out. Brian’s staccato delivery mirrors the advance of the music, and his harmonies with Jane are impeccable. “kind of day” combines FINKEL’s knack for fun writing with an equally fun message on how to enjoy a day of no responsibility, and the result is great.

FINKEL shared the inspiration behind the track with us, saying:

“This song was born from the exquisite moment that only comes after throwing your hands in the air and letting it all go. Call up your homies, pour yourself a drink, and dive deeply into the unknown of sweet indulgence. Life tends to compound on itself and the only remedy is to let loose. We all need to let ourselves feel. It’s just that kind of day…

Kick up your feet and listen to “kind of day” below.