Last month, action junkies the world over rejoiced with the release of the restricted trailer for Atomic Blonde. With Charlize Theron in the leading role as Lorraine Broughton and James McAvoy providing comic relief as David Percival, the action flick appeared to be shaping up nicely. With the release of the second trailer, it looks more and more like the hype will be justified.

The plot details are what we’ve heard before: a list of agents has been compromised and agents are dropping like flies. There’s a lot of repeat footage from the first trailer such as the fight with the hose and Broughton’s “contact” with French agent Sandrine, but there are a couple new scenes. The most noteworthy of these scenes is Broughton taking out two guys in a car with her shoe. It’s as badass as it sounds.

Watch the new trailer here:

Atomic Blonde will be out during the height of summer movie season with a release date of July 28.