A good thing to do every so often is to take stock of the things you have in life. This isn’t just material possessions though, but truly counting all of the people, relationships, and thoughts that truly make you happy. This can be especially helpful after going through a rough period, a reminder that each and every one of us will always have people there for us and hope for a brighter day tomorrow. New York’s Judah Holiday is no stranger to counting his blessings. He’s taken a look at what makes him happiest in life, and he’s channeled it into new track “All That I Got Tonight.” We’re happy to give Holiday an outlet to share that light with the premiere of the track today.

“All That I Got Tonight” begins with Holiday explaining his struggle with addiction. While the first few notes have a melancholy hint to them, the synths quickly take on a brighter tone as he explains he has found a path forward from his addiction. From there the track quickly becomes a testament to Holiday’s newfound joy in life, the uptempo track bopping along with exuberant energy. Listening to the happiness in his voice as he explains all of the things that make him happy is a moving experience. The lines about his wife and his dogs are of course adorable, but even the simple pleasures of listening to his own music or just feeling sunlight make Holiday shine. One of the best things music can do is bring listeners joy and hope, and “All That I Got Tonight” is perfect in this regard.

Holiday gave us a simple explanation for the things in his life that inspired the track. He says “After going through rehab, I reflected heavily on what was important to me. Family, friends, music, and not much else. This song encapsulates that for me.”

You can listen to Judah Holiday’s “All That I Got Tonight” below.