It was a happy day last month when we were able to report on the return of Tigers Jaw. The duo of Brianna Collins and Ben Walsh shared the track “Guardian” and details for the release of their fifth album, spin. Now we have another track from the album as its release date approaches (via Nylon).

The song is called “June” and is a dense and rich sonic experience. The lyrics find Collins taking the lead on vocals, as the song is an ode to a friend that Collins helped through an emotionally abusive relationship. Collins told Nylon, “I wanted to write a song that showed how friendship can make a difference in feeling strong enough to leave relationships that are damaging.” She also noted the friend in question helped in the writing process of the song. Listen now:

Between “June” and the message in “Guardian” of the difficulties of taking care of yourself while also supporting others, it seems like spin will be an album with a number of strong statements to go with the catchy tunes. We couldn’t think of a better band to tackle that mission than Tigers Jaw. The new album is out on May 19 through Black Cement Records.