Most of the United States has been experiencing some serious cold over the last week. While the snow and chilly weather may make your nose run and your toes go numb, it also supplies some very pretty scenery. That’s the idea Anna Of The North—actually two people, Anna Lotterud and Brady Daniell-Smith—harnessed in their video for “Oslo” (via FADER).

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The video finds both Lotterud and Daniell-Smith in an idyllic lakeside setting, with a lovely frost-covered forest as their background. Over a wonderfully cascading electric backing, Lotterud sings fondly of the city in question. “I never wanna leave you, I never wanna go. You’re the warmth that’s in my heart and it makes me feel at home,” she says, reflecting feelings that most of us have for some place we’ve lived that we’re particularly attached to.

Check out the video for “Oslo” below. It’s the perfect thing to watch while bundled up inside with an extra pair of socks on.