Earlier today, Hux, a singer/songwriter originally from Seattle, Washington, has put out his single “Monte Carlo,” alongside producer, writer, and close friend, Mokita. 

Hux comments, “Monte Carlo is about daddy issues. A lot of people, including myself, have had to deal with growing up without a father. I haven’t heard too many songs portraying that type of honesty in the pop world these days, so I wanted to write this song from my own perspective. It’s super raw and I hope it resonates with people”

The artist has relocated from Seattle to Los Angeles, making Nashville his new home base where he has been developing the sound that fits him best.  

He describes his sound as the “left-of-center pop with urban undertones.” His songs are inspired by learning to speak his truth, even when it is messy. 

Hux continues to pursue his artistry and songwriting with intentionality, in hopes that telling his story through music will translate to something bigger than himself.