Los Angeles-based (other planet-born) alt-pop artist Lauren Rocket sits down with Priscilla of InVogue Records and Substream Records, talks about her newest release “Beam Me Up,” and some real-life encounters she has had that sparked the inspiration for this other worldly song.

They also discussed who she is as a person, an artist, what inspires her to write, and how jambalaya is the best thing on planet Earth.

She released her new single “Beam Me Up” and its music video via Substream Records. With lyrics calling out to a cosmic home and her eccentric take on life here on Earth, the entertaining and dance-worthy track leaves us all wondering – what is it like on the Land of Iguana?

“The concept is basically I was dropped here on earth, trying to figure out how to fit in and be “human”, all while wanting to find my way home to the stars,” says Rocket. Watch the music video below!

Stream “Beam Me Up” HERE.

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