Emma Holzer, better known as Emma Jaye, is a 23-year-old actress and singer/songwriter from New York City. 

She’s been on popular shows such as Law & Order: SVU and Boardwalk Empire-  now she’s making bubbly pop music that is unbelievably catchy. 

Today she releases a new single “Love You X3.” Because of quarantine, this song was recorded in an in-home studio she put together. 

When it comes to music, she says it’s her calling. Even though she still is invested in acting from time to time, her heart is fully invested in her music. 

“I love acting, but it’s not ‘the’ thing,” she says. “I know for a fact that singing is my destiny,”

2020 marks a big year for Emma Jaye, with releasing music and becoming her true self. 

“I finally feel like I’ve found who I am as an artist, my sound, and what I want to say,” she shares. “I’m trying to spread as much love as possible to the world right now.”