San Francisco producer and electronic artist Jacob Montague—maybe better known in the music world as Tsutro—has teamed with up Substream to share a brand new single, titled “Say Something.” Featuring Roxi Pianko, who uses her beautiful voice to share vocal duties, the new track from Tsutro melds elements of folk music and EDM to create a lush, dreamy, and shimmering single that we wouldn’t mind an extended cut of. Coming in a bit shy of three minutes in length, “Say Something” will make you smile at its sweet delivery and dance when the building beat allows. Listen below and enjoy.

Speaking to Substream about the inner workings of his newest single, Montague says, “More than any other song off of my upcoming album, “Say Something” incorporates elements from my folk roots. I really enjoyed contrasting the acoustic guitar, pizzicato violin, and tambourine with the electronic drums, EDM pulse, and arpeggiating synths. I tend towards simplicity in lyrics and I break from the verse-chorus-bridge structure. For example, this song has just one phrase that comes in and out of the track as a motif.”

“Say Something” will be featured on Tsutro’s upcoming self-titled full-length, due out on February 10 through Position Music. Follow Tsutro on Facebook and Twitter to keep an eye out for more details and new material.