Andrew W.K. has released another new song from his upcoming album, You’re Not Alone, and the corresponding music video. You can check out the song and video for “Ever Again” above. It is the second song released from the album, following “Music Is Worth Living For,” which was released two weeks ago.

“I’m not singing from the perspective of someone who has found this ultimate-answer-to-everything, but as someone who’s dreaming about how incredible it would feel if I had. And in a mysterious and strangely uplifting way, it seems that a belief in the possibility of an absolute Truth gives us access to something quintessential and crucial for our own survival – it connects us with a part of ourselves that’s both primal and divine – an empowering, enlightening, and energizing force of unyielding and overwhelming feeling. A feeling that transcends emotion. A feeling that overwhelms all thought and language. A feeling that can’t be understood, but can only be deeply and joyously experienced. And thus, celebrated in worshipful glee. Partying is born.” – Andrew W.K. on “Ever Again”

You’re Not Alone will be released on March 2nd and can currently be pre-ordered here. It will be Andrew W.K.’s first new album since 2009, when he released 55 Cadillac and Gundam Rock (only in Japan).

Andrew W.K. has been partying since the released of his debut album in 2001, and though this is his first album since 2009, he has continuously taken his party on the road. This was no more evident than his tour towards the end of 2017, which we were able to cover during the Milwaukee stop.

Below you will find the album artwork and track-listing for You’re Not Alone.

andrew w.k.



  1. The Power of Partying
  2. Music Is Worth Living For
  3. Ever Again
  4. I Don’t Know Anything
  5. The Feeling of Being Alive
  6. Party Mindset
  7. The Party Never Dies
  8. Give Up On You
  9. Keep On Going
  10. In Your Darkest Moments
  11. The Devil’s On Your Side
  12. Break The Curse
  13. Total Freedom
  14. Beyond Oblivion
  15. Confusion and Clarity
  16. You’re Not Alone