There’s nothing better than a good abstract music video. Sometimes after watching you sit back and just go “Huh?” to yourself, and that’s a good thing. And that’s exactly the kind of music video that Florida band Colours has delivered with “Mind Games.”

The video stars the duo in a dimly lit concrete bunker. As the two members, Kyle Tamo and Morgan Alley, lounge around in various states of undress, they’re joined by a variety of props, including wooden weapons and some rickety folding chairs. More importantly, they’re joined by a mysterious woman who seems to possess at least some measure of control over our musical pals. She also pukes gold liquid in a sort of mother bird type behavior. We told you it was weird (but in a fun way). Check out the wild video for yourself:

“Mind Games” comes from the album Ivory, which Colours put out through Victory Records last February. The record is available now.