Sometimes you just need that perfect album that can transport you out of your own mind to a relaxing, worry-free atmosphere with zero thoughts and nothing to weigh you down, mentally or physically. Florida experimental pop-rock band Luxury Mane have the remedy you need for your daily woes.

Lux Runnin’ Out offers some of the strongest lo-fi psych-pop in recent memory, and if this album doesn’t do the trick, I don’t know what will—or at least I shouldn’t mention it here. The St. Petersburg trio throw a modern spin on vibes seemingly inspired by the groovy offerings of old and the end result is that rare sound that can appeal to both college kids in 2017 and those kids’ elders who made it out the other side of the ’60s. Listen through Lux Runnin’ Out below if you’re in need of a wavy escape. Breathe easy now, thank us later.