Promising Atlanta singer/songwriter Dani Stevenson arose to prominence in 2020 with her breakout single “Sugar Honey Ice Tea.” Now, ready to release a full-length debut, the ascending star releases her first track from the upcoming effort in “Love Me.”

The song is about recovering from a toxic relationship. Stevenson sings about reclaiming self-love and moving on from the past. Vocally, she is authentic, revealing and, most of all, amazing. The perfect discovery point for any newfound fan. “For ‘Love Me,’ my producer Hytz sent me an open track I felt it,” Dani shares in a press release. “Definitely had a vibe. Tracks really have to move me because I personally like creating ideas from scratch. The song is about ending a relationship after finally realizing that you can’t change an individual and that you deserve better.”

For the upcoming album, fans can expect a lot of diversity from the rising star. This is anticipated to be Stevenson’s defining moment in today’s music. What to expect, she said in a press release, “The creative process is always different– that’s the beauty of creating music.”

Stevenson’s social presence has seen a huge surge after appearing on promotions like Amazon music. Stevenson currently accumulates 7,758 monthly listeners and growing on Spotify. “Love Me” is available via Love Lane/TIME.

What do you think of “Love Me?” Do you think Dani Stevenson has what it takes to become 2021’s best new R&B artist or is she just another fly-by-night songbird? Let us know what you think about Dani Stevenson in the comments. Stream the new song below.