When a song is released, that’s often the end of its transformation. It exists out in the world, and that’s that. But many other songs find new life in the form of new versions. Acoustic versions and remixes deliver a fresh take to these songs. Alt-pop artist VÉRITÉ creates magic on the first go around with her music, but today she’s added a little more magic to some of her tracks. VÉRITÉ recruited Little Kruta, an all-female orchestra, to take on five of her most beloved tracks in the form of EP Bunker Studio Sessions, Brooklyn, NY, out today.

Two things are strongly evident on Bunker Studio Sessions, Brooklyn, NY. The first is VÉRITÉ’s gargantuan talent as an artist. Take out the production of these five tracks and sub in classical instruments and you truly realize her capacity for songwriting is magnificent. The minimalism of “Nothing,” The power and intensity of “Better,” and the emotion of “Need Nothing” are crystal clear, as is VÉRITÉ’s soaring and moving vocals. This is an artist with a true gift getting to show it off in the absolute perfect setting. The second thing that’s evident is how incredible Little Kruta is and how orchestral instrumentation can work with and even enhance pop music. These are some of the most gifted musicians on the planet, and each of these women plays their instrument with a precision and love that’s emotionally affecting in and of itself.

Bunker Studio Sessions, Brooklyn, NY is out right now, and you can listen to the EP below. VÉRITÉ and Little Kruta also released a video of their performance of “Phase Me Out,” which you can watch above.

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