Today, Florida powerhouse Mayday Parade have announced that they will be releasing their new album, What It Means to Fall Apart, on November 19th via Rise Records. Pre-orders for the record can be found here.

In addition to the album announcement, Mayday Parade have also unveiled their new single, “One for the Rocks and One for the Scary.” The song’s accompanying video — directed by Katharine White — can be found below.

What It Means To Fall Apart sees Mayday Parade wading in a wide range of complex emotions. The band shared the first taste of the album with the anthemic single “Kids of Summer,” which infuses nostalgic memories of their care-free formative summers at Warped Tour into song, followed by the self-confrontational and vulnerable “Bad At Love.”

On the newest single “One For The Rocks And One For The Scary,” the band sings about making the most of the time we have with the people we love.


Their seventh studio album together, What It Means To Fall Apart was created with longtime collaborators Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount, and saw the band diverge from their typical path in the studio. With no final destination in mind and setting their sights on just writing the best songs they could, they started chipping away at something, letting go of any attachment to whether they left the studio with a single, an EP, or a full record. They arrived at a fully realized album, 12 contemplative tracks written through the eyes of a band moving forward with the knowledge they could only gain from looking back. Full track listing can be found below.

The band is looking forward to sharing these songs in venues around the world, noting that it’s not just about creating music for them, but how that music connects them with their fans and each other. “We all live in different states and have separate lives with different things going on,” bassist Jeremy Lenzo shares, “But just being able to get back together and play music is always a highlight.” Lead singer Derek Sanders mirrors that sentiment as well, sharing that the spark that started Mayday Parade still shines bright, “Even after all this time and plenty of other ways it could have gone or plenty of other things that we could be doing with our lives, we’re lucky to be able to do this.


Mayday Parade


  1. Kids Of Summer
  2. Golden Days
  3. Think Of You
  4. If My Ghosts Don’t Play, I Don’t Play
  5. Sideways
  6. One For The Rocks And One For The Scary
  7. Bad At Love
  8. Notice
  9. Heaven
  10. Angels Die Too
  11. You Not Me
  12. I Can’t Do This Anymore