L.A. artist Allison Weiss last album was 2015’s New Love via SideOneDummy Records. It’s been awhile since then, and Weiss has now returned with a delightful new track called “Runaway.” (You might recognize her co-writer for this track, as well.)

The song is a thrilling love ballad, with the lyrics painting a picture of Weiss finding her beloved and imploring them that the two should run away together. The underlying beat is perfect to dance to, and the melody is custom made for you to shout along with at the top of your lungs.

The fact the song is so great should come as no surprise. Weiss is an immensely talented songwriter on her own, and she teamed up with Tegan Quin, of the duo Tegan & Sara, in writing the track. It’s safe to say the combined talents of the two are definitely on display.

We’re excited for what else Weiss might have in store, and we’ll keep you notified of any updates or new music.

Stream “Runaway” below.