Jaeger Wells has years of writing and releasing music under his belt, but is still continuing to outdo himself with every release. He has worked hard to perfect the art of taking songs about personal struggles and pushing them through a positive sense. Despite the sometimes serous subject matter, it has never hindered his ability to seamlessly combine these lyrical matters with upbeat, pop-driven hooks.

This narrative can be found on previous tracks from Jaeger Wells; such as “Sao Paulo Liar’s Club,” “What It Feels Like,” and the heartbreaking Spill Canvas-esque “Boston.” All of that aside, Wells is all about keeping things in perspective — that there is a bigger reason for all of this. He oftentimes uses the perspective that things are constantly moving and thus constantly changing with one another.

That brings us to today, in which we are excited to be premiering a new single from Jaeger Wells called “Wish I’d Known You.” He explains that, “‘Wish I’d Known You’ was inspired by the passing of several old friends of mine who I had not seen in a while. Like all relationships, the periods of closeness stick in your heart forever and the times you drift apart don’t feel so bad until you don’t get to see that person again. It’s about fending off grief with the warm memories of better days.”

“Wish I’d Known You” can be heard at the top of the post, and is an emotionally crafted indie-punk anthem showcasing the best of Jaeger Wells. It’s another energetic track, crafting a sound that falls somewhere the old school Saves the Day and the newer Pentimento. The song finds Wells once again teaming up with Ace Enders –who previously played bass on his Fever Dream Anthology EP — for production credits, with mastering credits going to Jesse Cannon.

jaeger wells wish I'd known you

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