The world’s second-most visited website in the world is YouTube, ranked behind its parent company Google. Given YouTube’s unique position as a video-sharing and live-streaming platform, you can find a channel there that touches on just about any subject. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to find an intriguing one worth subscribing to.

In fact, the sheer number of options can make it difficult to find a topic that suits your interests. Even as more and more content creators have access to great equipment and software, it’s the subjects they focus on that really count. In other words, without a golden idea, there’s no content worth digging into and following regularly.

If you’ve found that you’re a bit underwhelmed by YT’s current selection of streams, then take a few shortcuts with our list of recommendations. We’ve assembled a number of hidden gems that cover a wide range of territories, from pop culture to hydraulic presses. Regardless of the topic, we promise one thing: you’ll be glued to your screen—even if you’re not sure why what you’re watching is so compelling.


High Stakes Fun: PokerStars United Kingdom

Let’s start out with one of the most obvious suggestions. Poker is a naturally riveting game because it involves complex strategies, quick decision-making, and the option to bluff. Even if you don’t enjoy playing Texas Hold’em or Omaha, watching the pros play is like watching art in action.

Specifically, the PokerStars United Kingdom channel goes above and beyond in breaking down the live action so that it’s highly intriguing. There are plenty of high-stakes challenges, too, such as the PokerStars Mystery Cash Challenge, which recently included an audacious $10,000 bluff. Come watch players with nerves of steel – live.


Urban Hustle: ANNnewsCH & I Love You Venice

Watching someone bluff their way to a $10k win is pretty transparently awesome. But what about other channels that rope you in using a more subtle allure? Here, we have two of the coolest channel recommendations, which include live video feeds of the cities Tokyo, Japan and Venice, Italy.

ANNnewsCH offers a 24/7 live view of Tokyo’s famous Shibuya Crossing. This jam-packed crossway has been included in dozens of films, including The Fast & the Furious franchise. You’ll be pleasantly hypnotized watching hundreds upon hundreds of commuters crossing the street in chaotic harmony, or even just watching the busy intersection in a neon-lit city center.

Conversely, there’s also I Love You Venice. This channel switches up where it streams from, including famous areas like the Ponte delle Guglie and Rialto Bridge. Once again, the magic is in getting lost in a crowd—all from the comfort of your home. In Venice, you’ll also be treated to historical architecture, stunning sunsets, and plenty of unique boats that pass along the canals.

The Somehow-It-Works Content: Hydraulic Press Channel

Let’s dive just a little bit deeper into unique content. Watching people travel to and fro in visually stunning cities might sound like a stretch for some—but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Another fantastic option for those who want to be glued to their screen is the Hydraulic Press Channel. There are no mincing words here—this channel is about watching things give way to an industrial 140-ton hydraulic press.

Started by a Finnish couple with a workshop at their disposal, the goal here is to delight, surprise, and scratch that strange itch. According to fans of the channel, it’s oddly satisfying to watch objects be crushed. Meanwhile, the host’s Finnish accent and sense of humor add another layer of entertainment. If you’re comfortable jumping straight into the deep end, then start with the Hydraulic Press Channel.


Visually Stimulating & Intellectual: Kurzgesagt

Lastly, let’s leave one more recommendation. This falls into the category of educational channels—but we promise you won’t get bored. That’s because this channel combines highly intriguing questions with succinct answers and, most importantly, highly engaging visual design. It’s that last detail that makes Kurzgesagt stand out from similar channels. Each production is a piece of art in one way and an educational tool in the other.

Similarly, the concepts discussed are presented at a scientific level, meaning the scripts have been penned and reviewed by real-life experts. Plus, the creators have tackled tons of unique topics, from how to win an interstellar war to loneliness.