Caleb Hyles is known worldwide for his wide range of Youtube covers. From Broadway to anime, to top 40 hits, Hyles has a larger-than-life voice. After years of putting his own spin on cover songs, 2022 marks the start of a new musical endeavor. 

January 14th, 2022 is the official release date of his first album consisting of original songs, ”In One Breath.” This twelve-track debut gives listeners glimpses of human experience, has them asking questions, facing doubt, and finding comfort. With each song, listeners will grasp what it means to be truly alive and present. 

From one of his first covers released in 2014, Caleb has since won over millions with the voice and passion that he puts into performing, Now, listeners can get to really know him, starting with his first single “Sometimes You Just Forget Things.” 

When it comes to this song, Hyles comments “Many are all too familiar with diseases and conditions that steal away one’s memory. While this song is linearly about that topic, it also speaks to that fear we all have because of how much we value memory. This is one of the few songs on the record with little “light” at its conclusion, but the reconciliation of this piece, I believe, comes from listening to the album in its entirety. This is also the song that shaped a fair bit of the direction my album went in relation to art. I’ve always loved art themed around psychological horror, liminal space, and environmental degradation. The challenge after that decision was how to craft an album that wasn’t strictly horror-themed, but could still work alongside the art that has been made. Sometimes You Just Forget Things speaks to a very real, very uncomfortable, and deeply affecting element of our day-to-day lives; memory, and the losing of it. Even without a condition to expedite the process, we will all continue to lose this thing we cherish. Maybe it’s possible to live presently in the knowledge that we are shaped by what has happened to us, and not by what we remember? Maybe it’s possible to find present peace knowing that, even if we forget everything, there’s someone we know who stills remembers some for us? Maybe knowing that “something” happened is enough?”

Generations of passionate musicians have helped Caleb find his voice in the world, and now with “In One Breath,” he hopes to do the same for others.