Love has a funny way of making us see things in ways that may not match reality. Sometimes we become so infatuated with a person or thing that we cannot see the harm our connection is causing. Likewise, we sometimes let our desire to be happy take importance over the feelings of those we are attracted to, which is never a good recipe for longterm happiness. DANI Le Rose knows this better than most, and this understanding has lead her to create an infectious single you won’t soon forget.

If Lana Del Rey drew more inspiration from the woe that is modern romance instead of the idea of love sold to us through Hollywood’s golden age her music would probably sound like that of Dani Le Rose. Her sound is that of longing laid to music. She sings of romance and love torn asunder, as well as the way our relationships can shape our world perspective. When things with our significant other is good, the world is great, but when they are not it can seem like the sun does not shine for days.

“I’ve Told Lie,” the latest single from DANI Le Rose, builds on these ideas against hypnotic production that is impossible to deny. Actor Len Harvey plays the role of an obsessive lover who’s so wrapped up in the relationship that he doesn’t realize he’s causing harm, while Rose steps in as his partner. Her visual aesthetic speaks to a feeling of detachment, as if she’s suddenly unable to feel close to a world that has felt like home her entire life. You can view the visuals above.

In a message to Substream sent earlier this week DANI Le Rose told us she has been hard at work on future release. “Since moving to Vancouver,” she writes, “I’ve been spending as much time as possible developing my sound. I’ve already had the pleasure of working alongside artists such as Elle King and Zella Day.”

We expect big things from DANI Le Rose. Stay tuned.