A funny thing about art is its ability to destroy the myth that quality is always a result of time and hard work. Sometimes great art is nothing more than a combination of random events and influences colliding at a specific moment in time. This is a story about the latter, and how a chance collision between life, inspiration, and opportunity may have produced the next band to change your life.

For the better part of the last decade Maryland has served as something of a breeding ground for the next generation of alternative and indie rock notables. Bands of all shapes and sizes have come from or refined their sound in the area, and each has managed to ever so slightly alter the way we think about alternative music in the modern age. Along the way some have made us feel less alone, while others have helped ease the pain that comes with feelings of loneliness. The Flat Stanleys somehow manage to do both, and today we’re thrilled to share their latest recording with you.

Blending the catchiness and pop sensibilities of more established artists like The Front Bottoms with a perspective on life told through the lens of rural youth, The Flat Stanleys have created a style of folk-punk that is immensely accessible to the casual music fan without alienating the genre’s core audience. Dancing to Dad Rock, the group’s second EP in as many years, further’s the band’s mission to be the next group to provide a soundtrack for your next heartache. The songs criss-cross the many parts of life and in doing so manager to touch on high-highs (unforgettable nights with those who love the most) and low-lows (the death of family members and the pain such loss can bring) with seamless transitions between the two.

We’ve partnered with The Flat Stanleys to share the world premiere of “(Long Live) Tony Perkis,” the lead single off Dancing To Dad Rock (out July 7). The song is an upbeat track perfect for the next basement or backyard party held when your parents are our of town. Think “Your Graduation” from Modern Baseball with a lo-fi aesthetic that only emphasizes the urgency found in the lyrics. You can stream the song below:

Pretty amazing, right? We believe The Flat Stanleys are onto something special with this release, and if “(Long Live) Tony Perkis” makes you feel like moving your body then you are going to love what is contained on the rest of the record. You can buy Dancing to Dad Rock through the Bandcamp beginning July 7. The Flat Stanleys are planning a number of live appearances to support the record as well, so please stay tuned to Substream for news regarding all their upcoming dates.