alt-J have some of the most interesting music videos. Whether it’s the reverse break-in of “Breezeblocks” or the more recent Romeo & Juliet inspired video for “3WW,” you never know what you’re in for. The wood mouse in their latest music video doesn’t know what it’s about to discover either. (NOTE: The video contains graphic content, you’ve been warned.)

The first half of the video is pretty standard nature documentary type footage. The mouse goes about its business, trying to find food and avoiding predators. About halfway through the video, the mouse stumbles on a clearing and that’s where things take a turn. It appears there was some form of gathering or deal taking place amongA some humans, and things ended pretty violently if the aftermath is any indication.

We’re not far off from the release of alt-J’s next album RELAXER, which drops on June 2. You can pre-order the album now.