There are a lot of science fiction tropes in film today, but one getting used more often than most involves a protagonist who finds themselves caught in an endless loop. Groundhog’s Day is perhaps the most famous example of this, with Bill Murray playing a man who lives the same holiday over and over, but a much more recent version of the same idea could be found in the March 2017 film If I Stay. The one thing neither of those films have been able to offer however is a baby-mask-wearing murderer, which is precisely the void Happy Death Day hopes to fill later this year.

A definite contender for worst title of the year, Happy Death Day follows a young woman who discovers she is being forced to live the last day of her life over and over again. Each morning she wakes, it is the same day as the last, and each night she finds herself running for her life from a psychopath in a baby mask wielding a very large knife. The loop will continue until she can uncover the person responsible for her death, or at least that is her hope. You can view the film’s first trailer above.

Each year there are a small number of films that earn a theatrical release for reasons many do not understand. In 2017, Happy Death Day appears to be one of those films. Aside from its connection to Blumhouse, the top horror production company in the business, nothing about the footage or premise leads you to believe this is going to be a major attraction at the box office. Could we be wrong? Comment below and let us know your thoughts.

Happy Death Day rolls into theaters this fall and should land on home video sometime in early 2018.