Following the success of his controversial visual, “The Journey.” DMV recording artist Sphinx II8 makes his global debut in the release of anticipated EP, titled, Lucky Lefty.

On the seven-track introduction, Sphinx II8 dives deep into his personal issues and connects with social issues plaguing today’s culture. “This project made me feel like a maven from start to finish. My music is universal. Saga music you and I can relate too. Your experiences teach you who you are. It’s the map of your life”. The project is slated to be Sphinx defining moment as an artist.

“ I don’t wanna be the greatest of all time. I just wanna be the greatest version of myself always and forever. When you livin’ your truth, nobody can use your truth against you”.

Along with “The Journey,” the new project also features previous tracks, “Role Models” and “Too Late”. Stream it now.