Drawing influence from modern indie rock bands like The War on Drugs, Arctic Monkeys, and The Strokes, P.F. Phillip & the Night Riders are the latest group to put it all together and put a fresh spin on early-2000’s indie-rock.

Hailing from Sao Paulo and Southern California, P.F. Phillip left the west coasts of America to bring his brand of anthemic songwriting to the underground rock scenes of London. In 2017, he brought together the Night Riders — guitarists Gabe Coulter and Jack Rennie, bassist Sandro Giacometti, and drummer Sam Roberts — and they have been making waves ever since.

P.F. Phillip and the Right Riders have routinely earned praise for their live shows, and listening to their music, you can easily see how perfectly it would translate. We are exclusively bringing you a premiere of their new song today, “Call Me by My Name.” It is a 3-minute blend of indie-rock at its purest, done to the soundtrack of committing reckless acts for the feeling of love.

The song can be found below — and you can listen for yourself as elegant guitar lines and distorted ethereal backing vocals paint a vibrant soundscape. All the while, it kicks back to an early-2000’s indie sound, and “Call Me by My Name” is one that would not sound out of place on an early Arctic Monkeys record.


Expanding on the song, Phillip explains that it is “About the feeling you get when you fall for someone who grabs you in each moment, pulling upon your desire to cloud all judgement and reason. You know they’ll end up hurting you but to be acknowledged by them, for them to call out to you, is the bittersweet fix tomorrow doesn’t need to know about.”

With 2019 rapidly approaching, expect more sun-drenched sounds from P.F. Phillip and the Night Riders as they head into the studio to record their debut EP.

You can keep up with the band on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.