Popular dance act STARX links up with Harsh Records for a massive new release in the star-studded compilation project, titled, Masters of Hard Psy. Stacked with a all-star roster of collaborators, this project is quickly becoming one of the hottest releases of 2020.

Curated by STARX, the new collection is a 21-track ensemble crafted by 30 of the best producers in today’s Dance culture. Between the psychedelic trance is a cast of greats ranging from Moon Rush, WHITENO1SE, WUKONG and many more.

Brought to you by Harsh Records, Masters of Hard Psy includes breakout hits, “The Hammer,” “Godzilla,” “Like a Freak” and “Sweet Dreams”. A first edition, the project popularity has already began rumors of possible sequel tape coming later. For more on STARX, follow the star’s journey on social media.

Take a listen to Masters of Hard Psy now on Spotify.