Jonathon Fraser — also known as Northbound — comes from a different than most of his peers around him. Fraser spent many years in the DIY touring circle of punk and hardcore scenes, and now has a completely hands-on approach to everything he does with Northbound. This has allowed him to be incredibly prolific since the inception of this moniker back in 2012.

While it eventually started out as an acoustic solo project, it wasn’t long before Northbound evolved into it’s current state: a hybrid of sorts between acoustic and being a full-band project. What this does for Fraser, is it allows him to be incredibly flexible as the primary songwriter to do with whatever he sees fit for each individual song. It also gives him the ability to tour as a solo acoustic act if his touring mates are unable to head out with him. Dynamic, but never sacrificing the quality of work.

Northbound has recently signed with Smartpunk Record, and just recently went up to Canada to record his label-debut full length record with Sam Guaiana (Silverstein, Like Pacific). In the mean time Fraser will be releasing a 3-song EP, Karma Heart, tomorrow, August 9th via the label to hold fans over. Today, Substream is excited to debut a single ahead of time, “Tonight,” which fans check out below.

“This track the oldest of the bunch. It’s a nostalgic tune about the immense joy that comes with having feelings for someone but the paradigm shift that happens when things start to get sticky. It’s very happy/sad. Cry with a smile on your face,” explains Fraser.


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