2019 is the year of The Japanese House. Amber Bain’s project released debut album Good At Falling in March to critical acclaim (we liked it a whole lot), toured early in the year, and are touring again later this year. If that’s not enough for you, today there’s even more. The Japanese House has shared a new live EP, The LA Sessions.

If the title wasn’t a giveaway, The LA Sessions features four tracks from Good At Falling which were recorded live in Los Angeles. In true Japanese House fashion, these aren’t just the same performances you can find on the album. Bain takes each track (in order: “Lilo,” “Somebody You Found,” “You Seemed So Happy,” and “Everybody Hates Me”) and gives it new life, reimagining sections and creatively altering the tracks. They’re still the tracks fans love, just with a little bit of magic added.

You can listen to The Japanese House play these new versions on The LA Sessions below. There are also video recordings of each track, which you can find on their YouTube channel.