The German alternative band, Giant Rooks, has released their debut album “Rookery.” 


Right now, they should be on tour with Milkey Chance in the USA and starting their own headlining tour, but COVID-19 had some different plans. 

Back in 2015,  singer Frederik Rabe, guitarist Finn Schwieters, bassist Luca Göttner, keyboardist Jonathan Wischniowski, and drummer Finn Thomas founded Giant Rooks. Since then, the band has won awards and sold-out concerts from Machester to Germany,

The band really took their time with this debut album. Having played over 350 shows, they had the time and experience to refine their own sound.

With “Rookery,” the band freed themselves from the idea of how things are supposed to be. As a whole, the album sounds like 2020 and spans a frame of reference that’s at least unique in German-speaking countries. Their sound combines Kanyesque hip-hop beats with Bob Dylan type song structure and soundscapes similar to Bon Iver. 

When it comes to playing music and listening to it- Giant Rooks aren’t looking to fit into one genre. 

 “You have so many opportunities to discover new music, artists like Celeste or Joy Crookes, not to mention soul. That’s been a huge influence for us,” says singer Frederik Rabe.

This is an album that looks questioningly into a world of unrest and isn’t looking to offer simple answers.