Today Dubai based rapper Laaawwd releases his energetic and club friendly new single, “OML.” Rising fom the desert night, draped in expensive threads and cruising in big wheels, the rapper known as Laaawwd weaves together a melodic trap sound that showcases his ability to seamlessly switch between rapping and singing, and often blurring the lines between the two.

“It’s too much killing and smoking and evil energy in the club, but this record is still Texas and still Houston, sticking to the roots,” Laaawwd explained.

In his music, Laaawwd weaves intricate narratives that reflect the complexity of street experiences, acknowledging the trials and tribulations, while exuding an unwavering sense of fly confidence. With each verse, he not only showcases his lyrical prowess but also imparts profound insights, proving himself to be not just a rapper but a storyteller and a spiritual guide through the labyrinth of existence.

Over the past few years, Laaawwd has ascended to the throne as Dubai’s undisputed rap king, the soundtrack of choice at all the city’s hottest nightspots. When he’s not in the booth, you’ll find him rubbing shoulders with A-listers and Dubai’s glitterati, making headlines as the life of the party and enigmatic leader on the city’s social scene.


Creating a once in a lifetime vibe on every song, Laaawwd, sticks to his roots and maintains a sound that resonates with Texas rap and the traps across the map connecting with producer Quincy Dukes.

“It was just a late night studio session, my bro Quincy Dukes sent me the beat and I was like OML, Oh my Laaawwd, then I was just like Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh and I just stayed with it. I just wanted to give a vibe of me from Houston to Dubai,” Laaawwd said. “It’s like a 2023 version of ‘25 Lighters,’ but like I had the Unforgiveable guy come into my mind, and then thats at the end and we just got creative and added the ‘25 lighters’ mixed it in and payed homage and just made a once in a lifetime hit.”

Laaawwd, draws his stage name from the word “lord,” evoking an aura of divine creativity and nobility within the realm of Trap Music His name, Laaawwd, cleverly doubles as an acronym, representing the profound mantra he embodies: “Life Ain’t Always What We’re Doing.”

Raised in Killeen, Texas but then relocating to Houston early on in his career, Laaawwd has a sound that resonates with the streets and the night life creating a sound that’s entertaining and familiar to fans of club friendly trap music.

“Be prepared to hear lots of Laaawwd in 2024, really when this song drops. I’m like Brady, we could be down but I’m coming back to win this

With a unique blend of Middle Eastern influences and American Hip-Hop vibes, Laaawwd has carved out a distinctive and captivating sound that resonates with audiences across the globe. His journey from the gritty streets of Texas to the heart of the Dubai music scene is nothing short of extraordinary.

With an unwavering commitment to his craft, collaborating with industry leaders, both in Dubai and the United States. Laaawwd’s music reflects not only his cultural roots but also his determination to bridge the gap between the East and West through the universal language of Hip-Hop and trap music.