Here at Substream, we love nothing more than getting to share new music with you, and while it’s a blast hearing new songs from old favorites, nothing quite compares to getting to share a brand new band with the world. Today, we’re thrilled to share New Dialogue’s debut music video for “Fake Smile.”

With overhead shots, moody lighting, and harsh angles, “Fake Smile” is an intoxicating indie-pop clip that’ll please fans of acts like Local Natives and Bon Iver. Vocalists Ela Kitapci and Taylor Morrow sing about the pain of a once-perfect relationship that’s experiencing a disconnect; throughout the video, they look in the mirror, at the camera, and off in space, but never directly at each other.

Ela says of the video, “We wanted the video to look the way we were feeling when we wrote “Fake Smile”. There is something beautifully plastic about the apartment we shot the video in. That tension and contrast is very similar to the emotional core of the song. We want all things both real and artificial. We hope the video brings life to the dark and beautiful world where the song lives.”

New Dialogue was brought together by a twist of fate, when English-born and Istanbul-raised Ela (vocals) moved to Los Angeles and met Taylor Morrow (vocals). Soon, summer jobs, shared studies, and internet postings connected the two with Jason Rodriguez (drums), Michael Sevilla (guitar), and Jeff Badagliacca (bass). After making their live debut this June, New Dialogue recently wrapped up a round of tour dates with lovelytheband. Their debut EP was recorded with lovelytheband’s Charlie Park, and is expected to be released early 2019 via RED Music.

If you like what you see and hear, you can keep up with New Dialogue on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or visit their website for more.