I love when a new dance move or “challenge” spreads on the internet. Dance and music connect us as people, and seeing a particular move or song resonate with people reaffirms that notion. As long as no one’s getting hurt, there’s no harm in posting a video of yourself rocking those moves. It’s fun! If you want a song to dance along with, Confetti have just the answer with “Right Now,” the rollicking single from earlier this summer. The music video for “Right Now” harnesses that viral dance craze in a slightly surreal way, and we have the premiere of the visuals here on Substream this morning.

The video for “Right Now” starts with a breaking news alert. It seems that once people hear “Right Now,” they can’t stop dancing. Furthermore, they somehow end up in the distinctive elephant masks that are Confetti’s trademark look. The powers that be have outlawed dancing, and as the song kicks in we join Confetti in a high speed chase with authorities. Shot just like an action movie, the band zooms down the highway in a moving truck, jamming out as the authorities give pursuit. If this wasn’t absurd enough, Confetti fight back with actual confetti shooters and bananas like it’s a real life game of Mario Kart. I don’t want to spoil the end of the music video for you, but it doesn’t get any less bizarre. “Right Now” is a fun, danceable song, and clearly Confetti poured that fun and energy into the music video as well.

Asked about the track and video, Confetti explain “‘Right Now’ is a song for everyone who struggles to live in the moment. it’s a few minutes where we can be oblivious to some of the chaos and bullshit happening in the world today. if there’s ever a time to have some fun it’s right now, because that’s all we have for certain. Confetti is starting a movement that can’t be stopped. this video is proof.”

You can watch the video for “Right Now” below. Be ready to do nothing but dance once you start watching.