In case you didn’t catch the news last month, the multi-talented Noël Wells–who has written, acted, and performed critically adored comedy in the last few years–is adding to her list of accomplishments when she drops her debut album It’s So Nice! later this summer. We don’t have to wait to get more of a taste of her talents, though. This morning Wells shared a new track, album-opener “Played for Keeps,” and an exceptionally cool, fun video to go with it.

“Played for Keeps” contains many of the singer-songwriter vibes we heard from Wells last month in “Sad Girl Blues.” It starts with a deliberately strummed guitar that makes up the bulk of the track. Things get a little more intense here though, with the drums hitting harder and the guitar riffs fuller and throatier. It all builds to an exhilarating ending that shows Wells can bend her sound any number of entertaining ways.

The video finds Wells out in the streets of LA, although those streets look a little bare. There’s a good reason for that: the video was filmed as the LA Marathon loomed, with many of the streets already blocked off for the event. Wells and director Tim Nackashi used a GoPro strapped onto a drone to film the video, giving it a very DIY feel. What really sells the video is how much of a good time Wells is clearly having, smiling and laughing as she runs around the abandoned streets.

You can watch the video for “Played for Keeps” below. Noël Wells’s debut album It’s So Nice! is out on August 30, with pre-orders available now on her website.