After graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in Marketing and Finance, Yan Stavisski started applying for just about every high paying job he could find an application for. After submitting over 100 applications, the young college graduate couldn’t find himself an opening anywhere. Yan always had an urge to become an entrepreneur and decided it was time to start down a different path.

Yan began his first venture fresh out of college with little to no money. Without any background in Credit, he started his operation called “Travel Hacking”. The concept involves using one’s Credit to rack up miles and travel around the world on credit card miles and points rather than money. This process usually requires having a large number of different credit cards. He also began funding his new ventures in the e-commerce and real estate spaces on Credit. Not knowing the risks involved with using Credit, Yan quickly dug himself into deep debt. He owed more than $100,000 and found himself paying out more in interest than he was bringing in. “I quickly let the debts get out of control to the point where I had nearly half of them going to collections, and I was even getting sued”, said Yan. His score dropped below 490, and he hit rock bottom. Finding himself in rough shape, Yan knew he had to make a change as fast as he could.

After months of hearing no responses from his applications, Yan finally managed to land a job on the sales team at a tech company. He knew taking the opportunity would sharpen his skills as a salesman and give him more insight into the business world. Within a 3-month time frame, Yan became one of the top sales reps at his firm and managed to pay off all of his debt. He slowly increased his credit score and started learning how to leverage his Credit instead of letting it leverage him. He was no longer owned by anyone and began to pursue new ventures in real estate. These new ventures gave him enough income to quit his sales job and become a full-time entrepreneur.

After finding success on his own and becoming financially free, Yan decided he was called to help others get out of the same bad credit situation he had dug himself into. He decided to found his firm called King Credit LLC, built to revolutionize the financial education space. And he has done just that, helping thousands of students become more financially literate and learn what it means to leverage their Credit. Yan has used his experiences to start a movement, bringing more awareness to the younger generations. His goal is to educate as many people as possible in hopes that they won’t fall into the same financial peril he did.

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