With their radiating energy coming out of Arizona, the melodic hardcore/pop-punk band, No Refills, takes genre-mixing to the next level. The band blends a mix of alternative bops, EDM vibes, and pop-punk authenticity, drowning fans with an intoxicating energy. 

Tomorrow, No Refills releases their latest single, “Diamonds,” which tackles the very personal subject of addiction and its destructive path on one’s physical and mental health. 

They take the leap forward and acknowledge that “you can’t take back time” once you’ve fallen victim to hard drugs. It’s a powerful message over an equally powerful backdrop; pounding drums, orchestral synths, and bold guitars hurtle into the mid-00s style post-hardcore chorus.

It follows the destructive path of addiction and the mental and physical struggles faced by the addict, enablers, and those close to an individual struggling. The track is inspirational and includes a full orchestra to accompany the typical Indie/Rock sound, adding an extra layer of emotion to an already powerful story.

The band comments, “While Diamonds was being written, Matthew was suffering through a personal loss of one of his closest friends and needed an outlet to express the emotions he was experiencing. The lyrics behind “Diamonds” began to reflect a darker tone as they were re-written to describe his personal anguish at the time. Tyler then rewrote the composition, placing it in a much more dramatic key, to ensure the audience could not just hear, but also feel the emotion driving the song. As the song began to take its final form, we ended up removing the bass guitar from the intro and replaced it with an orchestral arrangement to fully indulge the audience into the story from the second the track begins playing. Hints of this orchestral arrangement remain apparent throughout the whole track as it takes you through a journey of accountability and reflection.

We are looking forward to not only ending 2020 on a positive note but also bringing the new year in with our first live performance since the pandemic! We will be performing for the SALT tequila New Year’s Eve show to showcase our full EP (Panic Interlude) for the first time ever, just hours before its new year’s day release! We began working on the EP before the pandemic hit the United States, but having the ability to finish writing it during quarantine kept all of us sane and allowed us to focus on moving forward. We did have to adjust how we handled things like recording in the studio and simply demoing our music, but you have to learn how to adapt in this industry. We began polishing the musical arrangements of the EP through various Zoom meetings and email chains, but when it came down to physically getting together we made a plan to get tested for COVID each week prior to getting together to ensure we were not contributing to the spread. Panic Interlude is streaming everywhere on 1/1/2021!”

“Diamonds” will be available on all streaming services, including Spotify, tomorrow.