Singer-songwriter Yashua continues down the independent artist route with his new single “Te Vas.” Staying authentic to himself, he sings the emotional song in English and Spanish while performing a captivating dance routine.

After a year-long break, Yashua returned to music last month with “Dancing in the Rain,” making a new chapter in his career. He gives his fans another taste of this new era with this single “Te Vas” (You Leave). The trap music-lite song reflects both sides of Yashua’s identity. The R&B edge reflects his birthplace of New York City while the lyrics in Spanish reflect his Dominican roots. 

Yashua is the next-level pop star that can do it all with no limitations or language barriers to his creativity. 

In the music video to “Te Vas,” the accomplished dancer works through the heartache of his bilingual lyrics with a complex and incredible dance routine. He is not just a creative force with his music, but also through the way he uses his body as an instrument to interpret his songs.

During this Covid-19 pandemic, the 22-year-old put a pause on his career to refocus his priorities. He has come out of the experience as a new artist. 

Previously, Yashua made his mark in the R&B and Latin music industry with his debut album 7777. He is now working independently with singer-songwriter Maejor, who is his producer and co-manager. Together during the pandemic, Yashua and Maejor have created a series of singles that Yashua will continue releasing.