[Photo: Sergey Kolivayko]

For much of the nation, today’s a particularly tough day to accept (or even comprehend), but we’re not here to get political. However, if you need even a brief escape from your thoughts or your Facebook timeline, California trio The Young Wild have a lovely acoustic video to share, and they’ve teamed up with Substream to do so. The band’s recent success of a single, “In The Wild,” has been dismantled and reconstructed as a gorgeous piece of acoustic fare with fantastic melodies contributed from friends of the band.

“I’m always re-imagining songs I write up until they’re released,” says vocalist Bryan B. William, “and they all start in this simplified form. One voice. One instrument. It gives a good indication if the song has any legs before studio time and adding in all the full band production. Lucky for us ‘In The Wild’ seems to work in both forms—full band and super stripped down. We filmed this particular performance at my house. We lit some candles, invited some friends over. There was a tuxedo cat named Gob weaving between our feet. It was a total house concert vibe.”

Touching on the themes of the song itself, William adds, “‘In The Wild’ is about running out on a true human connection. Like you’ve cheated this person out of an experience with you because you don’t like who you become in your rawest moments; you forecast that you can’t meet them halfway. And you bail. And never does it feel like it was a bigger mistake than when it’s too late. What you left was closer to transparency. Closer to vulnerability. It was a privilege and privilege is hard to find.”

Watch The Young Wild’s stripped-down acoustic video for “In The Wild” below. And for comparison, you can find the band’s incredibly elaborate video for the original version of the single here.

The Young Wild will be writing and recording new music this year. In the meantime, you can head out to one of their upcoming California shows and have a good time.

2/20 — The Satellite — Los Angeles, CA
2/22 — Rickshaw Stop (Noise Pop Festival) — San Francisco, CA