From the original Godzilla films to Pacific Rim and Cloverfield, kaiju have been a part of movies for decades. Through all of that, the human side of the monsters are almost never explored. In Colossal, the human side of the monster is the focus. And by human side, we mean there’s an actual person controlling the monster.

The film stars Anne Hathaway as Gloria, a woman going through a bit of a hard time. She wakes up to the news that a giant monster is terrorizing Seoul, which would be a bad day for anyone. It gets worse when she discovers that the creature is telepathically linked to her and mimics all of her motions. The movie follows Gloria as she tries to cope with this alongside her friends, one of whom is played by Jason Sudeikis. Watch the teaser below (via EW):

Colossal is directed and written by Nacho Vigalondo (“A Is For Apocalypse” in The ABCs Of Death). The movie is set to stomp into theaters on April 7.