Yesterday was Mother’s Day! If you’re a mother reading this, I hope you had a lovely day filled with all the things you love in life. If you have a mother or other maternal figure in your life, I hope you got to do something special with them. If for any reason you don’t have a mother or don’t have a relationship with her, know that you’re not alone in that. I’m sure yesterday was tough if that’s the case, but today is a new day and you’re doing great. I thought about making Take 5 Mother’s Day themed this week, but turns out that there aren’t that many songs about moms that get released in any given week. Thankfully for you, there are a billion other websites and services that made Mother’s Day playlists from older songs, so you’re all set. Before you go listen to those, lets dive into this week’s list of new songs.

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness – Ohio

I don’t think Andrew McMahon literally ever stops writing music. It seems like every time I turn around McMahon has a new project or single out. To be clear, I am by no means complaining about this. When we get songs as good as “Ohio,” there’s nothing to complain about. As always, McMahon crafts a warm, cozy instrumental that invites the listener to sit down and listen to McMahon tell his story. In this case the story involves the uncertainty of packing up and leaving everything behind to start anew. At the same time, in all that uncertainty there is always hope, a feeling that bursts forth from “Ohio” in waves. When you need to feel uplifted, the best plan is usually turning to Andrew McMahon for that fix.

Petal – Tightrope

Petal‘s Magic Gone is without question my most anticipated album right now. Her new single “Tightrope” is exactly why that’s the case. Using a tightrope as an illustration of the precarious balancing act that takes place in our heads when we’re struggling with our own thoughts, Kiley Lotz gives a masterful performance. The guitar riff combines pop punk sound with a relatable urgency, pushing us further out onto the tightrope. The key change comes at just the right moment to shift the song into a powerful higher gear. Lotz also shows off her vocal chops here, both in the emotion of her narration and the power of her voice as she belts the higher notes. In the run-up to Magic Gone‘s release, Petal has yet to disappoint.

Molly Moore – Lighten Up

If you’ve read my review of Molly Moore‘s new EP Third Eye High, you already know I love it. I would put all four songs from the EP on this list if I could. Alas, that’s not how this works, so I’m going with EP closer “Lighten Up.” It’s light and airy while still having a full-bodied sound, the hook rising and falling splendidly. Moore dances her way deftly through the vocals, keeping everything moving at a brisk pace. As the name suggests, “Lighten Up” is one of the chillest tracks in recent months, and it’s exactly the thing to listen to when you’re laying out by the pool this summer.

Bryce Vine, Wale – Drew Barrymore Remix

Bryce Vine‘s “Drew Barrymore” on its own is fantastic. It contains all the performance skills, R&B and pop stylings, and bravado that makes Vine fantastic. I still bump it regularly when I’m going out. Now there’s another helping of that particular brand of Bryce Vine goodness with the release of the remix of “Drew Barrymore.” The remix gets a little more spacey on the use of synths, but the obvious big difference is the presence of Wale. The two performers play well off of one another, and Wale’s verse fits perfectly into Vine’s sound. While “Drew Barrymore” is timeless, the remix breathes an extra dose of new life into the track just in time for all your outdoor needs this time of year.

Marian Hill – Go Quietly

Marian Hill‘s new album Unusual is true to its word, containing songs that do not cleanly fit into any box. That’s always been Marian Hill’s MO, though. It continues to work out for them here, especially on last track “Go Quietly.” Many of the songs on Unusual embrace a more minimalistic approach to the instrumental, and while “Go Quietly” doesn’t completely buck that, it does get more complex than many of the tracks on the album. It’s this unpredictability and innovation even within an album that have made Marian Hill so special, and what has put them on this list.


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