The future of rock and roll is in safe hands with Michigan’s TIMELESS.

Kanye once wrote that the Midwest is young and reckless, and he’s not wrong. The upper end of the rust belt has long served as a breeding ground for creative individuals willing to take chances where others may think twice. Maybe it’s because of the cornfields that stretch further than the cities or the way that previous generations struggled throughout their lives to rise through the economic ranks, but young people in the Midwest today will risk it all for a chance to be something more than anyone they know. TIMELESS is the perfect example of that notion, and today we are thrilled to share the band’s new video for “BREAK BY DESIGN” with Substream readers.

Hailing from West Michigan, TIMELESS is crafting a niche for themselves in the space between traditional hard rock and a far more modern sound that lends itself to radio play while keeping one foot planted firmly in the alternative underground. The group has been releasing singles for the past two years, and “BREAK BY DESIGN” showcases the latest step forward in their career. It’s a track that is equal parts grit and heart, urging listeners to shake the shackles of the person they think of themselves as being in pursuit of something more. The group recognizes that we must set fire to our past selves before we can change who we will become. We have the power to be everything we envision, but it requires sacrifices that only we can make.

The sound of “BREAK BY DESIGN” and the quality of the visuals above may lead you to believe TIMELESS is working with a hefty budget given to them by an influential label. The truth, however, is that the band is doing everything out of pocket. As the message of the song suggests, the group is taking their career as seriously as possible and committing everything they can make it great. TIMELESS knows that the only people they must please are themselves, and if they can do that, then anything is possible.

The rise of TIMELESS is happening right now, so consider this post your chance to hop on the bandwagon before you’re another person who slept on the next big thing before it happened. You can be a part of this band’s success. In fact, you SHOULD be a part of their success. The sky is the limit for TIMELESS, and you would be wise to heed the advice offered in their music.