The Classic Kids are by no means a new band, but whenever they release a new song it feels like a reinvention, even if it’s only slight. They’ve built a following around a kind of effortlessly optimistic pop music that blurs the lines between straightforward sunshiney slices of pop music and blisteringly catchy pop-rock that you listen to without feeling any kind of guilt. They’ve got a way of taking you out of the real world and into one that’s full of days in the mid-80’s with your toes in the sand that is not to be taken for granted — that’s something that I’d argue pop music needs to do for most people, and The Classic Kids do it well.

Today, I’m excited to share a new song with y’all called “Better Days.” Nostalgia runs wild through the track, which is built around a chorus of soaring “oh woah’s” and “these are our better days” and the track even stops to remind listeners that it’s the often the moments that you hate the most right now that you look back on with fond remembrance, with a second verse that is so hypnotically melodic that you can’t help but to sing “If you’re up against the ropes/Don’t be scared or lose your hope/These are the times you’ll miss the most/Looking back when you’re grey and old/I got this feeling that I can’t shake no matter what they say/these are the better days.”

The best thing to keep in mind when approaching the kind of optimistic pop music that The Classic Kids are known for, it’s that vocalist and guitar player Matty Boy has spoken about their new single “Better Days,” stating  “During these hard times of political differences, we wanted to create lyrics that can just take your mind away from all that and give you something to feel good about. These are our better days.” That’s not to say that there isn’t a place for “woke” pop music, just, The Classic Kids want to offer listeners reprieve; a place wear the terrifying woes of the world melt away and you feel a kind of sunkissed freedom that only pop music an offer.

When asked about the track, the Classic Kids said: “This song is about realizing that positivity can be a feeling or an action. We hope that this video shows how a good deed or just being open can bring us all together. We all have the power to make today “The Better Days” We hope that everyone truly enjoys this song and video!”

The music video for “Better Days” can be seen above.