Skott re-emerges with tender new track “Mermaid”

skott mermaid

It’s been since February that we’ve had any news to share about Skott, and since January that we’ve heard any new music. If you’ve been a regular reader of Substream you know that we adore her, so that time feels like an eternity. Our long wait is over though, as Skott shared a new track called “Mermaid,” premiering it on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1’s show.

The track is one of Skott’s most tender to date, a declaration of devotion and affection to the subject of the song. While it does contain the great synths that have come to exemplify the singer’s work, “Mermaid” also contains a solid undercurrent of keys and strings that make it stand out even more.

In a tweet from the weekend, Skott says “Mermaid” was the first track she wrote under her current moniker. As is now tradition, the single art is breathtakingly beautiful, with a depiction of–you guessed it–a mermaid.

You can check out a stream of “Mermaid” along with the cover art below.

skott mermaid art