Little Dragon are some of the best in the business right now at crafting music videos. We’ve covered their videos before, from piñatas bleeding green to weird computer graphics, all of their videos are certainly memorable. The same goes for their new music video for “Strobe Light,” which showcases the talents of the citizens of Johannesburg in South Africa (via i-D).

With the same home-video filter that pervades the rest of the band’s videos, we see the South African stars dance, show off their fashion, and drift cars. Little Dragon picked a good song to set the video to, as “Strobe Light” is certainly one of the band’s most danceable tracks.

Video directors IB Kamara and Kristin-Lee Moolman explained “We wanted to make a film that celebrates two dancers from Johannesburg and that feeling of being young and creating your own universe within your environment and being able to express yourself in any shape or form.”

“Strobe Light” is on the band’s latest album Season High, which was released through Loma Vista Recordings in April.