Anticipation for Hey Violet’s debut album, From The Outside, has been building for a good long while now. Earlier this year, they shared track “Break My Heart,” and now that the album release is closer, we have another new track to enjoy with the release of “O.D.D.”

The track combines the guitars of a typical pop punk ballad with a synth-filled chorus, creating a mix that fits with the name of the track. As you might expect, lead singer Rena Lovelis spends the song singing of how she isn’t like anyone else. She doesn’t mind at all though, instead celebrating her individuality.

From The Outside is out on June 16. In a statement, Lovelis explained, “We have been writing and performing music together for over two years now and this album represents us finding our true sound as a band.” With that kind of backing, drive, and creative energy put into the final product, we can’t wait to hear it.