In an age where the dark and moody sound that is alternative R&B is controlling the charts with megastars like Jhene Aiko, The Weeknd and the Beyonce endorsed sensation H.E.R. 2020 looks to continue to birth newfound stars from the genre and today, we are introducing the next big star in RICEWINE. A Melbourne-based artist with a sound that includes the sonic contours of introspective indie-pop, dreamy hip-hop, and poetry. For his first offering to a global audience, we receive a first listen in RICEWINE’s new single, titled, “Ocean”.

On the track, the 20-year-old singer/songwriter delivers velvety vocals coalescing with a unique blend of backup vocal effects, head-bobbing keyboard sounds, and copiousness of percussion instruments. For the first effort, “Ocean” is definitive, catchy and soothing, perfect for newly discovered R&B enthusiasts to digit and become instant fans of the rising artist.

In the single, RICEWINE explores similarities of love and water. The two are vast, often untamed, and when waters are rough and winds are coarse, one must accept the changes sturdy tides bring upon. Making a connection, he sings, “And if what they say is true, that love is a river I’m an ocean for you/Like my name I will never fall through.”

A follow-up to his previous effort, “Growing.” “Ocean” is the lead single off of RICEWINE’s forthcoming album, titled, Lovesick. The album is slated for April. 24 release, on making “Ocean,” RICEWINE says:

“Through the songwriting and production I aimed to reflect the freedom and beauty of the sea. This is a love song about the ocean. The expression ‘Love as deep as the ocean’ is kind of cliché, but sometimes using a cliché is the best way to describe a feeling. I wanted to make a song that expressed the feeling of being deep in love.”

The song is inspired by Ricewine’s birth name Talae which means “ocean” in Thai. Per Pop Dust, RICEWINE has been identified as a new trendsetter, referring to the star as, “the key to curating good music.” “Ocean” will be available on all major streaming platforms Jan.31. Until then, stream the newfound hit today via Soundcloud below.

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