Last September, we shared a tune from London group Swimming Tapes. The song, “Tides,” was a perfect summery jam that fit the timeframe in which it was released. With the weather unseasonably warm right now, what a perfect time for Swimming Tapes to come back into our lives, releasing a new track, titled “Cameos,” today (via DIY).

“Cameos” contains the same flowing, soothing guitar work as “Tides,” with a riff that hearkens back to mid-20th century beach music. On the content of the song, Louis Price told DIY, “Lyrically, it’s about being apart from someone you used to see every day. It has that melancholy, but with a hint of sunshine.” The emotional complexity of the track combined with that sweet, sweet guitar makes this a must listen. Give it your ears now:

Swimming Tapes is releasing an EP titled Souvenirs this Friday, January 27. The EP will be available through the London-based Hand In Hive. If the previous tracks are any indication, Souvenirs will be a wonderful, mellow experience.