A core aspect of both American culture at large and folk music specifically is travel. Hitting the road and leaving everything behind stirs something in us. Of course the travel isn’t just physical, but also entails an emotional journey that spurs us towards growth and healing. Colorado trio Whippoorwill (Alysia Kraft, Staci Foster, and Tobias Bank) are taking us along on their own journey with their new track “Eventide,” taken from their upcoming album The Nature of Storms. Substream is thrilled to have the premiere of “Eventide” and its music video here today.

With Kraft and Foster trading riffs and notes on the guitar and banjo respectively, “Eventide” is awash in the measured longing the road brings. With Banks setting the tempo on the drums, the trio reflect on past heartbreaks they’re trying to move on from, with lyrical imagery of lonely hotel rooms and endless highways painting a vivid picture for the listener. You can feel how much the love they’re moving away from meant, and the entire track has a mournful, but reflective feel to it.

The music video gives us a literal view of the road with Whippoorwill. As they drive their truck into the sunset, we’re treated to amazing views of the landscape around them. The performance footage of the trio is also shot beautifully, capturing each emotion in their faces and the skill as they play their instruments.

Kraft spoke about the meaning behind the track, saying “I grew up in Wyoming and isolation and ruggedness of the place permeates most of my songwriting. This is a song about the American West and the love and longing and distance that can be projected onto those landscapes.”

You can watch “Eventide” below. Whippoorwill’s new album The Nature of Storms will be out on November 15. Keep up with the trio on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.